Dec. 3rd, 2004

There's a mirror that leans against the wall right where you open the door to the computer room. I opened the door too far and I cracked the mirror! The bottom of it broke off. I was like, ARRRGH, so I bent down to pick up the broken piece, and the phone rang. I wasn't paying attention, so when I turned around to get the phone, my knee hit the POINTY AND SHARP broken mirror. Of all days I decided to wear my boy capris. So now I have this terribly deep cut on my knee (WARNING TIS GRAPHIC-KINDA). I think it is qualifiable for stitches. NOTHING A BAND-AID CAN'T FIX.


Dec. 3rd, 2004



I have a project in mind where I require those Japanese yen coins with the holes in them. But I don't know where I would go about ordering a whole bunch! If you have the knowledge, the POWER, I will love you.

I have to go to work at six! I'm angry, but okay, because it's box office. I like working box because I get to be alone, in a box, with no stupid co-workers to bother me. WHEEE MISANTHROPY

[EDIT] Oh yeah, and I've been meaning to ask chiyoko this for a while. How did we meet? I know we met each other through our old journals (You were Ethereal Sky Hunter and I was The Closet Pervert), but how did we come across our journals? Did we know someone mutually? I can't remember, and it's been bothering me for a couple weeks now.

Dec. 2nd, 2004

In drawing class, we had to pick a partner and draw our faces. AUGH. It did not help that I was feeling quite unattractive this morning (I woke up a bit late and didn't have time to put in my contacts, not to mention I was SICK), and I didn't know anyone in the class enough to ask if they were willing to draw me. So to skip out on the embarassment, I asked my professor to sit down and sit still while I drew her. That way, no one will draw my baggy eyes and fading eyeliner!!! But guess what, the girl who was sitting across from me drew my face without my permission! When we were picking partners she and the woman next to her were talking about wanting to draw me because I would be an interesting model. I can understand why, since I've gotten comments in the past on how I look like a cartoon character. WHOOOO LOOK I R ANIMATED

I slept all day after I came home from class. Well, actually, I only slept till about 5 o'clock, but it felt like all day. I feel just awful. My throat is so sore, it hurts to swallow my Tylenol and vitamin C pills. HALP SAVE ME

I'm trying to look for curtains for my windows. I don't know what to look for, though! I saw some really cool blinds at Lowe's, but I want curtains to go with it. These would look really cool if I could decide which color would look best in my room.

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Dec. 1st, 2004


Hahaha, I'm such a leecher.

I finally played DDR with Kelsie last night! It was fun and my average score was not an E. When I went to pick up Joel, I parked in his yard and totally drove my car over a tree stump. I didn't see it, and my car wouldn't back up. Joel and his step-father had to push on the car while I gunned the car in reverse. HAHAHA I DRIVE GOOD

I'm sick, my head hurts and I have a sore throat. I'm going to go lie down in my beautiful new bed.

Nov. 30th, 2004

I used some Clean & Clear on my face. My face feels so tight. I'm raising my eyebrows and I can't feel any wrinkles on my forehead. This must be what botox shots are like. And also my skin is kind of painfully burning off my face. THIS MUST BE WHAT BEAUTY FEELS LIKE

My futon was delivered to my house today! I told my mother a story she bought, so all is good. I got a call from the mattress place and he informed me that the bed was going to be red, but the black suede is a slipcover that will come later this week. I was a little disappointed, but not all that bothered. But actually, when the bed was brought to my house and set in my room, I really liked it... the red looks really great with the room. So it wasn't a loss at all! It may even be better than the black I initially chose. It's not suede, though... just regular cotton. When I get the cover, I'll see which I like better.

My room looks so beautiful! It's really close to being completed. I will definitely spam your friends-list page with pictures of my room once I get it done.

In drawing class today we did drew on the school sidewalk with chalk (NO WITH SPRAY PAINT). I wanted to be a bitch, so I did a female nude. ABAWHAWHAW. If I really wanted to piss people off, I should've done a male nude. Mine came out okay; there's a lot of mistakes, but I guess I'd show it to people and admit it was mine. Some of the other students in class were doing incredible. They really knew what they were doing.

August Stirn saw me and we talked for a bit. August is a really funny guy that always made me laugh in high school Spanish. It was nice talking to him again! He is crazy go nuts.

Nov. 29th, 2004

Kelsie and I actually met up at the mall to play DDR! Joel tagged along, too, because he's a cool kid and I like him. Kelsie and I have been planning to play DDR for months, but something would always come up. But guess what! It's Monday night, and Pocket Change empties out their machines Monday nights. So no DDR. It really sucked! But Kelsie said we'll meet up tomorrow after she gets off work, so that will be fun. While we pined the DDR machine outside the arcade, Kelsie and Joel showed me how to steal candy from the little turn-dial vending machines. You learn something old everyday!

Life's getting a little better for Joel. He got kicked out of his house last week, but he is now living with his step-mother. Granted, it is in a very teeny tiny trailer, but they will be moving into something bigger in a month or two. He's a good friend that I wish I could help out. I NEED A MILLION DOLLARS

I hate it when people talk about me when I'm right there in front of them. I think it is the best way to make someone feel the most inadequate.

I was in a pretty great mood earlier, but I stopped by Wal-Mart on my way home from the mall and I saw Tony, my cocksucker of an ex-boyfriend. Now I'm in a bummed-out mood. Why do I get so sad when I see him? I should totally be over him by now. I guess I'm still upset about what he did.

Nov. 28th, 2004

I really don't like Garfield anymore, but this particular strip always makes me laugh.

This past week has been absolutely terrific! I'm still not done with my room, though.


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Nov. 24th, 2004

We're having duck for Thanksgiving!! :DDDD I'm so happy! Duck is so delicious. I'm surprised we are actually doing something tomorrow. We usually don't celebrate Thanksgiving, considering we are a Vietnamese cultured family. LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA DUCK

This table is awesome! I want it for my room. I think I will ask one of my relatives to order it for me for Christmas.

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